Monday, August 25, 2008

Drive My Bus

This afternoon as I boarded the 22 Fillmore at Union st. the driver asked me if I wanted to take over! "Drive my bus, I'm serious" - He went as far as to show me where all the pedals, buttons, gadgets were located and everything I needed to know. I was all ready to hop in, but at the last minute he backed down, "No, no it's fine I'm just having a bad hair day" patting his bald head.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where is the SPECIAL???!?

Bring Back the SPECIAL

Yesterday I found a full day and night transfer and noticed that:

They took the SPECIAL out of "LATE NIGHT SPECIAL"!!!!

it's just not the same without the word special. Of course we know what 'late night' means. And 'special' refers to the gift of being able to take any bus or train all night long. What a special! Why has it been removed?

no more late night special. Just "LATE NIGHT" and then a big fat blank.