Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pastries on the 5

Today on the 5 Fulton from downtown heading to Fillmore I'm sitting in the back listening to my ipod. The bus is pretty full. Everyone in the back is hooked up to an ipod. One boy comes on with a plate of some kind of puffy pastries (and his ipod). He sits next to a girl who asks him what they are. "I go to the culinary school" he says with a huge smile and offers her a pastry from his plate. She accepts it.

It was a strange exchange. Two strangers. A plate of pastries. He gives her one. He's smiling and proud and bright. The older man (no ipod) to the other side of the girl looks on to what is happening eye-ing the pastries - looks like he wants one, but doesn't ask. She carefully places her pastry item carefully in a plastic Safeway bag (for later?), says "thank you" and leaves. The boy cook puts his ipod back in his ears and is still smiling. He smiled at me too, but didn't offer me a pastry.

That's ok.

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