Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bus Transfers etc. etc.

Since I began scavenging for discarded bus transfers I have found a total of:

- $23.50, (2 fives, 1 ten and 3 ones)
- a rhinestone earing,
- a crystal pendant,
- numerous toothbrushes
- a tube of toothpaste (? not with the brushes)
- 2 Nintendo® (the original) video game controllers
- vacuum
- and a child's Spiderman bedtime slipper

This project has opened my eyes. I now have such strong confidence in being able to find just about anything (and more) in this concrete wonderland. All I have to do is look down.

p.s. I did not take the slipper home with me....

1 comment:

tangobaby said...

Just found your blog through the N-Judah Chronicles. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you find.