Friday, October 31, 2008

Exiting: A Right of Passage.

(Of course I have these momentary ridiculous thoughts while riding a bus.)

Has anyone before ever pondered over how many different exits there are available here on SF MUNI? It can be very confusing. Lets take a look shall we:

one: On most buses (the all famous) step down to open the back doors sets one free.
two: Step down, but you must push the bars in front of you to open back doors.
three: On muni rail push the side bars to open doors.
four: For exiting the 'green' bus press your palm to the back door and it magically opens.
five: And on the street car who the hell ever knows how those doors are going to open.

Thank god Bart doors open automatically.

No wonder people who don't ride often and tourists get so confused. Knowing how to get off a bus in SF is actually a very special piece of knowledge.

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