Tuesday, December 4, 2007


"Back in the day we used to skateboard behind the buses." - Logan Mein. SF, CA.

To Run or Not to Run

You see the bus just slightly ahead. In this moment there is a window of time in the possibility of catching it.

There are Risks:

- Running downhill
- Running through crowds of people
- Time constraints
- Carrying heavy bags or breakable items
- Wearing high heel shoes or a non-secure shoe

Of course the biggest risk is getting hit by a car while trying to catch the bus. No matter how inconvenient it is to have to wait for the next one, remember, catching the bus is really not important enough to kill yourself over. But that’s not to say that catching the bus isn’t important, because who really knows when the next one will show. So if the coast is clear and you are well equipped – run dammit RUN!

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