Wednesday, December 26, 2007


"If I get this job, I will dred taking the #27 Bus to "Cro-Magnon" and's really Cyril Magnin, but Cro Magnon is pretty descriptive.

People on this bus stink. It smells "homeless" (you know, that homeless smell). This morning smelled like dirty rag and ketchup.

Other smells reminded me of the RTD days in LA, like: eau-de-urine-bus smell and gin-on-the-breath bus smell.

If people have high sensitivities to taste (like those with Geographic Tongue) then I must have a sensitivity to smell. For example, my body acted pretty adversely to the smell of vomit on the street so much so that I almost felt like vomiting.

And god knows, I surely wouldn't want to vomit on the #27.

(But it might add to the wonderful smells nevertheless)!" - Anonymous - SF, CA.

"I got on the bus I was sitting in the back and it smells terrible and it
was not just like someone farted – it smelled like someone took a shit on the bus it was that rank. And everyone was looking around thinking and saying 'what the hell is that??' No one could figure it out – and there was this guy you might have seen him around he hangs out in the lower Haight, some homeless skinny Hispanic guy and he’s really animated. He’s really funny, nice – he’s been around for years always dancing and silly. So he gets up to get off the bus and he’s carrying this plastic bag and all of a sudden I notice this bag was dripping with shit! Wet disgusting, covered wet… and everyone sees it’s him and they say 'oh it’s you! it’s disgusting! Get off the bus!' and he goes “who? What? Me?” and starts doing this pantomime gesturing all over the place – I don’t know if he was drunk or what but he was going to get off the bus but now that he had all this attention he stayed on the bus. And everyone is saying 'NO YOU GET OFF THE BUS!' he has no idea that his bag is full of shit and everyone on the bus is hysterical and he is eating it up!" - Aaron Novik - SF, CA.

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